NPR All Things Considered: Grokking and Greebling


NPR’s All Things Considered radio show was doing a series of short stories covering trade lingo in different industries. I submitted a list of game development terms, and they brought me in to do an interview at the studio. It lasted 10 or 15 minutes, and was then edited down to a 3 minute segment that they aired shortly after. I primarily talked about the word “grok”, but I also touched on the word “greebling”. You can read the transcript and listen to the original NPR story here.

It turns out that greebling isn’t really a game industry term; it comes from the film industry, and I just happened to pick it up at college around a bunch of game artists. So, uh, you win some you lose some!

Update (7/24/2018):

You can listen to the interview here: