Sacred Realms Podcast: Link’s Awakening


Sacred Realms is a Zelda retrospective podcast, where hosts Matthew and Lyndon Willoughly discuss the Zelda series as they replay all the games. I’m a frequent guest on the podcast, offering my perspective as both a game designer who and a Zelda fan.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is quite special to me, and I specifically requested one of these episodes- the Face Shrine! This is the most pivotal moment in the game, where it becomes clear that this isn’t a simple castaway story. I talk about why this moment is so important to the game as a whole, and to me as a player, and we also discuss the design of the Face Shrine dungeon.

They also invited me to join them for Level 7, Eagle’s Tower, one of the most interesting dungeons. It’s the only dungeon that features vertical play, and the only one that drastically changes the state of the dungeon after solving a particular puzzle.